The New MyWebPal Local

Hi all,

I just wanted to drop a quick note and welcome you to my newest venture. Up until now, you’ve known me for bringing you best news of the day via MyWebPal News. News is one thing I know and am familiar with. Something else I know very well is local businesses. After my career in the newspaper industry, I spent a lot of time travelling the country as a salesman. I interacted intimately with business owner and heard what they were telling me. They needed a voice! So, I am going to be their voice. I’m going to bring you the best of local businesses that I can find all here in one place at the new MyWebPal Local.

It’s going to be really simple. I’m going to bring you the best in local businesses and lay them out in an easy to find format. Nothing complicated, just results. You can search by state or by business category, whatever is easiest for you.

I hope you enjoy the site and please give me feedback on what you think.

Thanks for dropping by and enjoy the new MyWebpal Local!